Techno-Managerial Skills For Women in Zanzibar

The Project

This project is contemplated to organize techno-managerial programs for skill improvement and capacity building of rural women and to support mechanism for women managed income generating activities of rural areas in Zanzibar with a capital investment of the total cost of the Project will be US $16100. This project we plan to start in September 16th 2019 up to March 20th 2020.

Project objectives

The Empowerment of Rural Women is especially socially and economically weaker section by ensuring their access to, and control over, resources through a sustained process of mobilization and convergence of all the on-going techno-managerial on- the-job training programs.


l Training of Rural women and providing them with techno-managerial support
with a view to achieve improved productivity.

l Undertaking the training of trainers which will further develop the
capacities to meet the training needs of the Project.

Need of the project
Lot of Rural women in Zanzibar is uneducated, socially and economically weaker section and drop out from the school. This kind of women is mostly depending upon her husband or father for their needs. To alleviate this situation the Alfatah Charity offers a lot of techno managerial course at rural area to enable women to start in new enterprises. As such the techno managerial creates entrepreneurial opportunities for women, leading them to enter the rural job market strength economically weak communities through micro and small enterprises.

Scope of the project

Rural women are gaining self-reliance and self-confidence. The idea behind this concept is to mobilize women and improve their quality of life. With increasing self reliance Rural women are becoming more confident and independent; they have successfully improved the quality of life of rural women in many states and helped them to upgrade their skills. An indication of social change is the increasing number of income generating activities being controlled by women. Besides improving the economic standards of life of women, aim at spreading awareness on issues such as literacy, health, nutrition, family welfare, and legal rights through which they can get Empowerment. In order to accomplish this task, individual rural women should improve their awareness levels, communication skills; simple management techniques so that they can improve their confidence, articulate and effectively communicate with their social partners and economic stake holders. This is possible only through a comprehensive training and the training agencies are expected to organize a tailor-made training module to suite individual group and should be able to monitor their effectiveness with a view to improve their focus and quality. That is exactly the reason, various developmental agencies both National and International are according top priority for training of women for their capacity building and several NGOs and social organizations have been engaged to fill the gap through various initiatives of policy and fiscal support. There is a need for undertaking tenacious interventions in the areas of confidence and capacity building of women through specific training modules.

Vision of the project

The vision of this project is to develop capacity building of women who will;

Ø Have enhanced awareness and improved skills.

Ø Improving family situation and income.

Ø Be able to increase Marketing ability of product.

Ø Through which rural women can able to get empowerment.

Propose to give skill training to Women Participants:

 Food Processing and Preservation course
 Hand embroidery training
 Computer literacy training
 Dress making and designing
 Woolen work course
 Paper Carry Bag & Cup Manufacturing Training
 Artificial Jewels Making Course
 Jute Bag Making course

Project interventions

The project strategy would comprise the following activities:

– Identification of rural women beneficiaries
– Identification of stake holders and social partners
– Identification of resource agencies/persons
– Entrepreneurship sensitization

Evolving a training package consisting of:

a) The Rural Women concept and approach
b) Participatory processes
c) Communication skills
d) Savings and credit management
e) Book keeping and accountancy

Evolving a specific module of training consisting of:

a) Economic organization of the rural women
b) Entrepreneurship and business development
c) Planning and management of economic activity
d) Gender sensitization

– Trainers training to enable them to interact effectively with the rural women
– Supporting common action programs and lobbying activities of the rural women