Religious Dues

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Empowering Orphans

جمعية الفتاح الخيرية
Is nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering orphans to reach their full

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Dig a Well

Dig a Well Project with Alfatah Charitable Association
مشروع حفر الآبار بشكل جيد مع جمعية الفتاح الخيرية

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Who We Are



is the non government organization which is charity institution

designed for addressing social issues at the regional, country and global

level. Its mandate is to coordinate the development of social policy by

developing research and projects under review and bringing emerging

issues to the attentions of Government and society in action

Children Need our Support
Alfatah Charitable Association cares for Children
Fatma was born with the disease where by her head become large every day, Alfatah Charitable Association with support from Islamic in different area we take responsibility for her treatment and significantly we were able to take her to Muhimbili referral hospital for treatment and now she is doing well.


They need comfort
Alfatah Charitable Association director Sheikh Rashid Salim with one of Elder in Matemwe

Elders need our encouragement, Alfatah Charitable Association we are here to help them especially vulnerable. Join with us to help people who live in poor condition.

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